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Domestic cream

Domestic cream: Cream is a traditional product what is given from milk, soft and creamy condition and with characteristically pleasant smell and taste. It only consists of milk and salt and no other ingredients. It is mostly used as spread or as an addition to other meals.

Pepper in sour cream

Pepper in sour cream: This is the real gourmand specialty. Pepper filled by sour cream is unique product of characteristic, mild sour-peppery and creamy taste. They are perfect as an addition or salad.


Cheese: It’s made of pasteurized milk and it can be used without any previous preparation in all sorts of meals. No matter on that, many meals in a combination of other foodstuff can be made by cheese. You can find two sorts of white cheese in our offer. Old, hard cheese and young cheese of gentle and soft taste.

Crumbled cheese

Crumbled cheese: Product from the best freshly milk. It’s used for salads and many Balkan specialties as the cheesy pie, burek and so others.


Yogurt: Our yogurt is made by milk from carefully chosen farms from the Gloggnitz county. It’s mostly known that it’s healthy to drink yogurt and it’s mostly used in breakfast.